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"Jax in Love is beautiful, horrifying, and all too real. " - 52 Weeks of Horror

"It’s little wonder that Abergel recently won the coveted Best Actress in a Horror Short category at the recent Nightmares Film Festival. She handles the emotional ups and downs of Jax with ease and even through apparent psychosis, tugs at the audience to feel for her character. It’s a rare talent in an actress, and that talent ensures we’ve not seen the last of her." - iHorror

“A stunning performance by Rakefet Abergel : Writer and Actress Rakefet Abergel has written a very dark role for herself to star in. She delivers an intense performance in this psychological thriller that will have you guessing until the end.”- Film Festival Circuit

“Worth your time and attention, "Jax in Love" is a reason why short films have not only remained alive and breathing in the horror arena, but have thrived among fans and film festivals alike.”-Neon Bloodbath

"It’s palpitating pace will have you sweating more than when you watched Single White Female for the first time. The unpredictability and ascension into complete chaos within a matter of anxiety-provoking moments, has put this up there amongst my favourite shorts of 2017." - Critical Popcorn

"Having a female lead in this type of story is incredibly refreshing...The character isn’t searching for money or revenge like the woman running/ woman scorned archetype. She’s not an Aileen, in other words. She’s simply being herself and that’s what makes her so interesting to watch on screen, especially during her more “intimate” moments." - Morbidly Beautiful

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